Residence Permits


For the cases where you wish to obtain or renew your Residence Permit, the specialized staff of K.E.P.iteasy undertakes all the necessary actions.

Contact the experts and find out all the necessary information and supporting documents for:

Residence Permits for Work

Residence permits of citizens of third countries.

Residence Permits for purchases of land, businesses, hotel facilities, etc.

Special Purpose Permits: Access to work is not provided

Family members of a third country citizen

Long term permits

Excellent and Humanitarian reasons

Studies/Training/Research/Volunteering/Youth Mobility

Family members of a Greek citizen

Family members of a European Union (EU) citizen

Homogeneous/Rejected EDTO and citizenship

Re-call, Approval of entry visa for family reunification, Special Certificate of Legal Residence, Irregular workers in the agricultural economy, Partial revocation of permit due to acquisition of Greek citizenship


For any other service not listed on the home page, please fill out the interest form below and we will contact you immediately or call us on 2104406069.