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The processing and protection of the personal data of the users of this website is subject to the rules defined by national, EU and international law for the processing of personal data. has an electronic registration form where the user/visitor can voluntarily provide some personal data, such as name, status, company/organization details, e-mail address, telephone number and the mailing address. collects only the personal data necessary for communication with the visitor/user and uses them exclusively for this purpose and for as long as necessary. under no circumstances collects personal data that are included in special categories of personal data, such as racial or ethnic origin, data concerning religious beliefs or political opinions, etc.

The visitor/user of this website has the possibility to contact the Personal Data Protection Officer (DPO) of in order to be informed about any retention of his personal data and to exercise his rights (such as correction, updating, deletion etc.). The visitor/user can contact the DPO at

What personal data do we process? The personal data you provide us [such as your name, contact details, email address, telephone number, date of birth, ID number, occupation, address, etc.] is only processed when we have legitimate reason to do so. What are the legitimate reasons for processing your personal data? (a) The execution of a contract that you assign to us or that you intend to assign to us, such as for example the execution of a project, or the provision of services, in order to fulfill our contractual obligations in the above context.(b) safeguarding and protecting our legitimate interests, both yours and ours. (c) compliance with an obligation imposed by law, such as for example the publication of acts and details of the limited liability company (including details of natural persons, such as shareholders, members of the Board of Directors or executives of the Company), in accordance with art. 7b of Law 2190/1920, as amended, applies to the disclosure of transactions of liable persons to the Stock Exchange, the management of requests for compensation from accidents caused during the execution of a project, the management of court cases, etc. (d) the consent you provide under the specific conditions set by the legal framework. (e) express disclosure by the data subject and processing necessary to protect the vital interests of the data subject or another natural person (in the event that the subject is physically or legally unable to consent) are the legitimate grounds for the which we process any provided information relating to health data. How and why do we use your personal data?  For the proper observance of our contractual commitments and the maintenance of communication between us. From the contractual relationship between us (whether it is a contract for the performance of work by a contractor/subcontractor, a supply contract, a contract for the provision of services, etc., or whether it is the processing of personal data at a pre-contractual stage), we obtain and use the information required for smooth development of the cooperation between us, such as for example for the signing of amending acts of the main project contract, the management of the financial outstandings that may arise from a certain cooperation, etc. To communicate with you and manage our relationship with you.
We may need to contact you via email or phone for administrative reasons, such as for example to inform you about the progress of our cooperation, to set up a professional meeting for a candidate for staff, to manage your other requests or complaints, etc. . To comply with legal obligations. To safeguard our legitimate interests and to protect persons and property. To subscribe to newsletters and send updates and offers: To subscribe to newsletters, to send information and offers, you must provide us with your email address. With your registration and corresponding consent, you will be able to enjoy all our updates and offers that we send via e-mails and text messages or Instant messaging through relevant services (for example with SMS, Viber, Push Notifications, etc.). For personalized communication (profiling): In order to provide you with the best possible experience, personal data collected in the context of our contractual relationship may be used to send personalized updates, provided you have given your consent, under the specific conditions set by the legal framework. Where is your data shared? Development Solutions shares your personal data with the following categories of recipients: State authorities, Law enforcement agencies: When this is necessary to carry out an audit (e.g. Ministry of Economy & Development, State Aid Information System, Consumer Advocate, Personal Data Protection Authority, etc.) and in accordance with the prescribed legal procedures. Partners of our Company (partners, subcontractors, banks, insurance companies, auditing company, etc.): The Company maintains partners to whom our Company entrusts the processing of personal data on its behalf (e.g. subcontracting contracts, audit and issuance of a certificate by an accountant-tax technician, to companies such as TEIRESIAS S.A., in order to check your credit capacity, auditors, accountants, notaries, lawyers, bailiffs or other financial or professional advisers). In these cases, the Company remains responsible for the processing of your personal data and defines the individual elements of the processing, and takes appropriate measures to ensure that the processing is carried out in accordance with the applicable legal framework and that any natural person can freely and unhindered exercise the rights granted by the legal framework.

Storage Period

The period of data storage is decided based on the following specific criteria depending on the case: When the processing is imposed as an obligation by provisions of the applicable legal framework, your personal data will be stored for as long as the relevant provisions impose. When the processing is performed on the basis of a contract, your personal data is stored for as long as is necessary for the performance of the contract and for the establishment, exercise, and/or support of legal claims based on the contract. What are your rights in relation to your personal data. Every natural person whose data is processed by the Company enjoys the following rights: Right of access: You have the right to be aware of and verify the legality of the processing. Therefore, you have the right to access the data and receive additional information about its processing. Right of rectification: You have the right to study, correct, update or modify your personal data by contacting the DPO at the contact details above. Right to erasure: You have the right to request the erasure of your personal data when we process it based on your consent or in order to protect our legitimate interests.In all other cases (such as indicatively when there is a contract, an obligation to process personal data imposed by law, public interest), the said right is subject to specific limitations or does not exist depending on the case. Right to restriction of processing. You have the right to request restriction of the processing of your personal data in the following cases: (a) when you dispute the accuracy of the personal data and until verification is made, (b) when you object to the deletion of personal data and request instead of deletion the restriction of its use, (c) when the personal data are not needed for the purposes of processing, you are however necessary for the establishment, exercise, support of legal claims, and (d) when you object to the processing and until it is verified that there are legitimate reasons concerning us that override the reasons for which you object to the processing. Right to object to processing. You have the right to object at any time to the processing of your personal data in cases where, as described above, it is necessary for the purposes of legitimate interests pursued by us as controllers. Right to portability. You have the right to receive your personal data free of charge in a form that will allow you to access it, use it and process it with commonly used processing methods. You also have the right to ask us, if technically possible, to transfer the data directly to another data controller. This right of yours exists for the data you have provided to us and their processing is carried out by automated means based on your consent or in execution of a relevant contract. Right to withdraw consent. Where the processing is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw it freely, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing that was based on your consent before you withdrew it. To exercise any of your above rights, you can contact the Data Protection Officer, email:, phone: 2104405464. You have the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority (): Telephone Center: +302106475600, Fax: +30210 6475628, Email: Personal Data Security. The Company implements appropriate technical and organizational measures aimed at the secure processing of personal data and the prevention of accidental loss or destruction and unauthorized and/or illegal access to, use, modification or disclosure thereof. In any case, the way the internet works and the fact that it is free to anyone does not allow guarantees to be provided that unauthorized third parties will never gain the ability to violate the applied technical and organizational measures, gaining access and possibly making use of personal data for unauthorized and/or illegal purposes.



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When browsing this website, user identification information may be collected using corresponding technologies, such as cookies and/or Internet Protocol (IP) address tracking. Cookies are small pieces of text sent to the browser by a website the user visits. The use of cookies makes it easier for the website to remember information about the user’s visit, such as your preferred language, remembering your preferences regarding secure search, calculating the number of visitors or facilitating registration in our services.

How to control cookies: You can control and/or delete cookies according to your wishes. You will find details here: You can delete all cookies already on your computer, as well as set most browsers to prevent the installation of cookies. However, in this case, you may need to adjust certain preferences yourself each time you visit a website The user can use the website without problems and without the use of cookies but possibly at the expense of its usability and the operation of certain services his.


Acceptance of these terms of use is deemed to have occurred upon entry and navigation of the visitor/user on This acceptance consists of his express, unconditional and irrevocable agreement to comply with these terms. In case the user/visitor disagrees with any of the conditions, he/she must stop and avoid browsing, notifying, if he/she so wishes, the administrator. reserves the right to modify the terms of use at any time and without justification, while the modifications are only taken into account if they are formulated in writing and incorporated into this text. Users are therefore advised to periodically check the content of these terms. In case of total or partial invalidity or impossibility of application of individual terms, the validity of all the remaining terms is not affected. The gap that may be created in the agreement between the website and the user by the invalid term will be filled with new or modified terms that will, as far as possible, match the legal purpose of the invalid term. The above applies in any case and for any issues not expressly regulated within the text of the terms of use.

Intellectual and industrial property rights

With this agreement you accept and acknowledge that the entire content of (documents, texts, marks, designs, images, services, electronic files, etc.) is the intellectual property of the Company from the moment of its publication on the internet and therefore enjoys the protection of the relevant provisions of Greek and European law as well as international conventions. The domain name is legally registered in the database of the Hellenic Telecommunications and Postal Commission (EETT) and “” is a legally registered trademark and therefore protected by all relevant Greek and European provisions of law As regards the intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties (e.g. collaborating websites, members or companies), their protection rests exclusively with the beneficiaries.

It is expressly prohibited in any way to use, copy, store, reproduce, republish, transmit, publish, download, translate and modify part or all of the content of and the services offered therein without prior written permission the company’s. In the event that the administrators of become aware that a member (free or with a subscription) is systematically exporting, manually or automatically, all or a substantial part of their database, the administrators of may disable the account without notice, while they reserve the right to exercise any other legal right.

Individual storage and copying of portions of the Content to a single personal computer for strictly personal use is permitted. A necessary condition is the lack of intention for commercial exploitation and the indication of its source of origin. However, in no case can this be interpreted as an indication of a will to grant intellectual property rights on the part of

A part of the images used on comes from the websites freepik and, which are used based on a special license, without affecting in any way the moral rights of the photographers. Therefore, any reproduction thereof is expressly prohibited. Photos are also used from databases with creative commons licenses (eg, according to the terms set by those websites.

Limitation of liability and the Company cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for any damage and/or any other negative consequence that may result from accessing it and/or using the information and services provided therein. All the content and services of are provided “as is”. No guarantee is made by the Company that the pages, services, options and contents will be provided without interruptions and errors or that such errors will be corrected.In no case are there any guarantees on behalf of the Company for the correctness, completeness and availability of the content of the pages and services. Finally, there is no guarantee on the part of the Company that any other connected website or the servers through which it is made available, are provided to you without viruses or other harmful components.Therefore, no claim of a financial or other nature can be made for the reparation of damage resulting from the above reasons, while the costs are in any case borne exclusively by the visitor/user. may publish certain announcements, supporting documents, laws, court decisions and other legal documents for the sole purpose of informing its visitors and users. There is no guarantee on behalf of and/or the Company regarding the appropriateness, completeness, lack of errors or adequacy of these documents.

Exclusion of legal advice

All the information and general content presented on are indicative and have an exclusively informative nature for internet users, while under no circumstances can they be taken as legal or other advice. The Company, the columnists and the editorial team do not under any circumstances provide legal or similar consulting services and bear no responsibility for any damages resulting from any act or omission based, in part or in whole, on information provided by the Website. cooperates with third parties (natural and legal) at all stages of the collection, processing and distribution of its voluminous content. Therefore, it is not able to provide any express, implied or arising from its circumstances or reliability guarantee for their accuracy, security, suitability and quality. In the context of the free flow of information on the internet, users/visitors are responsible for cross-checking the information provided and are encouraged to submit any comments or corrections they have to the website administrator.

User responsibility

With this agreement, the user accepts that he understands and accepts the international nature of the internet and undertakes to observe the rules of ethical behavior (Netiquette). In the cases where gives the possibility to the user or the member to publish or send by personal message or in any way to another user or member any information, audio-visual material, text, link to another website (link) or file in general readable/executable by a computer or other electronic device, the user who sent/published is solely responsible for their content.It is recalled that for each publication/sending it is necessary to have the right to transmit the content either based on the applicable legislation or based on any legal contractual relationship of the user. In any case, the content of the above mentioned elements is prohibited:

  • Be unlawful, abusive, vulgar, pornographic, threatening, libelous, harassing, harmful to minors or express ethnic, racial or other discrimination;
  • Infringe any third party’s intellectual or other proprietary rights, including trademarks and secrets as well as patents;
  • To include any virus, harmful software or code (malware), unsolicited advertising material (pop-up) and unsolicited bulk mail (spam) that can cause either temporary or permanent damage/malfunction to any equipment (hardware and software) ) computer and electronic devices in general or delays, interferences and interruptions in the operations of the servers or any telecommunications network,
  • Contain a false statement regarding the user’s identity or impersonation of any person (natural or legal).

The user of is obliged not to use the website to carry out actions, which may result in criminal prosecution or the initiation of any civil or administrative proceedings against the Company for actions, which are indicatively, and not exclusively, mentioned in the Criminal Code, in special criminal laws, in the legislation on the protection of personal data, in the legislation on telecommunications, as well as in the relevant legislation of the European Union, the National Telecommunications Commission, the Personal Data Protection Authority and any other Public or Administrative Authority and Service, as well as for acts that could offend any right or other legal interest of the Company or a third party.

In the event that any third party takes legal action against the Company for an infringement of any of its legal property, which falls within the scope of the user’s responsibility defined in the text of the terms of use, the Company reserves the right to take reductive action against this user. Along with any third party claims, the Company reserves the right to demand compensation from the user for violation of the terms of use and for any legal consequences arising therefrom.

In any case, by accessing and using on your behalf, you agree that the exclusions and limitations of liability set forth in this text are correct and proportionate.

You are aware that reserves the right to modify and/or temporarily or permanently interrupt part or all of its services with or without warning to users/members, if there is a serious reason. Therefore, users/members acknowledge that they have no right to compensation in any way against or its managers.


With the help of appropriate links within it is possible to access third party websites. The placement of these links has been done with the sole purpose of facilitating visitors during their internet browsing. It is in no way an indication of acceptance or approval of the content of the websites listed with a link. Each link leads to a different website, the browsing of which is subject to the terms of use of that website. and the Company bears absolutely no responsibility for the content and personal data management policy of the website listed with a link. Access using the provided links to the respective website takes place under the sole responsibility of the user himself.

Applicable Law and Other Terms

These terms of use, including their amendments, are governed and supplemented, where necessary, by Greek and Community law, as well as by the relevant international treaties, while the courts of the city of Athens are competent. and the Company always aim for any disputes that may arise from its use and/or the interpretation and application of these terms of use to be resolved amicably and out of court. For this reason, in case as a user/member you find any problematic element or information in the content of the website from a legal and/or ethical point of view, please inform the website administrator immediately at, through its designers and administrators, takes every possible action towards the development, updating and improvement of the services provided and the website in general. All the necessary organizational and security measures are taken and the most appropriate technical mechanisms are applied to protect the content, with the aim of providing the safest possible environment for users, in accordance with the corresponding legislative provisions. However, it is always possible that errors/malfunctions/outages may occur in the contents of the website and/or that viruses or other harmful software (malware) appear either on the website or on its server.